Stolin district
executive committee

The network of the cultural establishments of the district at present includes 55 houses of culture and clubs, 5 musical schools, district museum of local lore and 3 folk museums. New types of clubs developed: in the village of Gorodnaya successfully works the Centre of Pottery making, in the village of Fedory – the House of folk arts, in the villages of Otverzhichi and Tolmachevo - the Rural House of Folklore, in the villages of Remel and Olshany - the centers of culture and leisure.

The conducting of people’s events has become a good tradition, which includes holidays Kalyadkі, Kupalle, Maslenіtsa, Troytsa. “Paleskі Kirmash”, restored at the beginning of the 80-s of the 20th century became the prototype of all-Republican holiday, honouring Labor and Song Dozhynki.

In the town of David-Gorodok an annual a unique ancient traditional ceremony Koniki is conducted. Further development of national culture, elements of its originality is manifested also in the course of the conducting the holidays of Labor and Song, Patterns of Polesye, Zazhynki, Dozhynki. The memory days, the holidays of villages and streets, the creative reports of the art groups, people’s events became a tradition.

The singing and musical culture of the district is most vividly presented by 16 associations, which bear honorable titles as “people’s”, “exemplary”, “deserved”.

Audience acclaim and fame acquired the folk choir “Krynitsa” (leader Ovsyanik, E. K.), the deserved amateur group of the Republic of Belarus of the folk music “Vytsinanka” (leader Ostapchuk, P. I.), the people’s choir of the veterans of war and labor (leader Bozhko, D. T.), the folklore groups and association “Louch”, “Garynskіya] Papradukhі”, “Kalina”, “Zhuravushka” of David-Gorodok and Rechitsa Municipal House of Culture, of Tolmachevsky and Otverzhichsky rural clubs.

The museum network of Stolin district is represented by the basic establishment, the District Museum of Local Lore and 21 public museums. The first exposition of the District Museum of Local Lore was opened on November 5, 1955. At present the funds for museum count more than 20 thousand items. The original collections of coins, weapon, archaeology, drawing, painting, photographic materials and printed publications were gathered since museum’s foundation.

The work oriented on revival, support and development of folk handicrafts is being carried out. Stolin district is rich in talented people. The works of the amateur master from David-Gorodok, the deserved artist of BSSR K.K. Kozelko (sculptor on wood) are famous far out of the district. The main topic of his art is the protection of the Motherland in all times. A skillful master from the village of Tereblichi I.F. Suprunchik is the master appeared at the beginning of 1980-s. The result of his work was the creation of folk ethnographical museum in his village. In 2004 I.F. Suprunchik was honored with the special award of the President of Belarus.

Since old times village Gorodnaya was one of the centers of pottery crafts in Polesye. Today this craft obtained new life within the creation of the centre of pottery making, where located the school and the museum of pottery making are located. Master of this center A.N. Bosovets in 2003 became the laureate of the special award of the President of Belarus.

64 libraries fulfill the demands of the people of Stolin district. The book fund for the existing network contains 594 thousand items.

Stolin district is proud with its people, in whose creative work culture of our region is reflected. We are proud of the works of our well-known countrymen such as authors G. Marchyuk, V. Glushakov, A. Navarich, poets L. Dranko-Moysyuk, A. Kudlasevich, I. Leshkevich, V. Vabishchevich, filmscript writer, theatrical dramatist and journalist M. Shelekhov, artists V. Urodnich, Y. Sergienko, A. Savitskiy, A. Khoroshun.

Its historical and spiritual heritage is the component part of the culture of any people. Region has the rich and glorious history, the roots of which go back to ancient times. David-Gorodok, which is 900 years, the fortifications of Khotomelski and Gorodnyanski dutches, numerous barrows and settlements of our ancestors were preserved until nowadays. There are 224 monuments of history and culture in the region. 17 of them are monuments of architecture, 2 – of arts, 83 - of history, 122 – of archaeology.

Culture department of the Stolin district executive committee
225510, RB, Brest region, Stolin town, Komsomolskaya place, 1.
Phone: (+375 1655) 2-15-45, 2-24-54, 2-11-01.

District organisational and methodical centre
225510 RB, Brest region, Stolin town, Komsomolskaya place, 1.
Phone: (1655) 2 37 50

Rendered services:

Methodical help to club cultural establishments.
Distribution of script and methodical materials and recommendations.
Organisation of district reviews, competitions, festivals and other culture and mass measures.
Study and generalization of progressive experience of cultural and educational establishments.
Organisation and carrying out of various activities for enterprises and organisations of the town and district.
Choice and preparation of collectives of amateur art activities for participations in regional, republican and international competitions and festivals.
Carrying out seminars.
Organisation of exhibitions.

District centralizied library system
225510 RB, Brest region, Stolin town, Komsomolskaya place, 1.
Phone: (+375 1655) 2-11-53, 2-11-94.

Rendered services:

Services of reading room in the library.
Issue of documents in the reading room.
Work of amateurish associations at libraries.
Lessons on history, local lore, ecology, spirituality, courage.
Poetry evenings, meeting evenings, literature and music evenings.
Reference and informational servicing.
Service of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of labour, invalids and old people at home.
Organisation of leisure of population by means of creation of clubs on interests, societies, drama circles, literature and poetry groups, exhibitions.

Centre of cinema and video services
225510 RB, Brest region, Stolin town, Lenin str., 12.
Phone: (1655) 2-23-41.

Rendered services:
Activities on popularisation of the best examples of cinema art, work of mobile cinema installations, cinema public lectures.

Fore-session work with audience.
Educational-and-methodical cinema and video materials on demand of agricultural enterprises of the district.

District museum of local lore:
225510, RB, Brest region, Stolin town, park "Mankovichi".
Phone: (+375 1655) 2-43-67.

Rendered services:
Activities on discovery of local regional historical and cultural particularities, cooperation with educational institutions, separate specialists.
Excursion services for population.
Organization of exhibitions and exhibitions-sales.
Development of tourists routes devoted to famous countrymen, enlighteners, craftsmen.
Lecture work.
Rendering of consulting help on historical and cultural heritage.
Methodical work with public museums.
Stolin district
executive committee
225510, Stolin, Sovietskaya str., 69,
Stolin district
executive committee
225510, Stolin, Sovietskaya str., 69,
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