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Stolin district
executive committee
Head of Stolin District Executive Committee

Grigory Vasilevich

(+375 1655) 2-30-30

(+375 1655) 2-30-08

fax: (+375 1655) 2-30-41

Direction of the district executive committee activity. Work with the personnel in the district.

Matters of:

  • Realisation of a state regular policy.
  • Work of rural executive committees.
  • Mobilization plans and civil defense.
  • District commission on awarding of work classes to state employees.
  • Committee on coordination of the activity of administrative, law-enforcement, control, frontier and customs services.

Interaction with:

  • District Council of Deputies.
  • Office of public prosecutor.
  • Pinsk town Board of the Committee for state safety of the Republic of Belarus in Brest region;
  • Pinsk inter-district Committee for state control in Brest region.
  • Customs and frontier services.
  • District military registration and enlistment office and organisations.

Leading the activity of:

  • Administrative department.
  • Department for internal affairs.
  • Financial department.
  • Department for organisational and personnel work.
Stolin district
executive committee
225510, Stolin, Sovietskaya str., 69,
e-mail: stolinrik@brest.by
Stolin district
executive committee
225510, Stolin, Sovietskaya str., 69,
e-mail: stolinrik@brest.by
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