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Приветственное сообщение

I cordially greet all visitors of the Internet page of Stolin District Executive Committee on the official site of Brest Regional Executive Committee.

On the Earth there are places which you should visit in order to understand people’s soul, to appreciate their originality.

About rich culture of Stolin district testify numerous historical documents and researches, ethnographic folklore peculiarities, monuments of architecture and culture which have been carefully saved by many generations.

We are proud of unique natural places: landscape preserves of republican significance «Middle Pripyat» and «Olmanskie swamps». The preserve «Middle Pripyat» is the biggest area of flood plain in Europe saved in natural state. It has unique lowland swamps, flood plain forests and meadows which are the etalon of natural meadows of Polesye. The preserve «Olmanskie swamps» is the biggest complex of upland, lowland and transitional swamps in Europe.

Today Stolin is diversified, industrial district which combines traditions and modernity. Agriculture is the leading branch in the district.

The residents are the main riches of our district. Among them there are many real masters of their work. Thanks to their tireless labour the present potential of Stolin was reached.

Our district is famous for folk talents, ancient traditions which glorify labour and love to our land. Stolin became the founder of republican festival «Dozhinki».

The materials of the site will help you to get acquainted with the history and culture of the district, to get more detailed information about socio-economic development of the district, to learn about the main events of public life. You can find interesting proposals on cooperation in economy and tourism. We are open to all interested investors.

Cordially invite you to visit Stolin district, where you will feel the warmth of real hospitality. I hope that our acquaintance will grow into mutually beneficial cooperation and good friendly relations.

I wish you good health, wellbeing, good luck and success in work for the prosperity of native land.

With respect,

Head of Stolin District Executive Committee G.V.Protosovitsky

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