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The industrial complex of the district is represented by the following enterprises, the production of which is mainly focused on processing local raw materials and agricultural products. Stolin region enterprises produce hard cheeses, canned fruits and vegetables, bakery, confectionery and sausage products, wall materials, electrical goods, nutritious soils (substrates) based on peat and other types of products. The products of individual enterprises are exported to the CIS countries and far abroad.

The largest, both in terms of the number of employees and in terms of production volumes, are: the production branch in Stolin of JSC Savushkin Product, JSC David-Gorodoksky Electromechanical Plant and JSC Gorynsky Construction Materials Plant.

JSC "Savushkin Product" production branch in Stolin is one of the oldest industrial enterprises in the city. The company began its activities in 1972. During the implementation of the investment project, a large-scale modernization of the enterprise was carried out. The main task of today's production activities of the enterprise is the production of hard cheese of the highest quality.

JSC "David-Gorodoksky Electromechanical Plant" was founded in 1976, currently produces the following types of products - components for Atlant refrigerators: protective relay, starting relay, muffler, power cord, cartridge, harness, electric soldering iron, electric heater, drive electric for microwave ovens, gas stoves and other appliances, electronic bell “Rhythm”, reinforced cords, distribution blocks, etc. Work is underway to organize the production of plastic containers for municipal solid waste with a capacity of 120 liters.

OJSC Gorynsky Construction Materials Plant is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic bricks. A special feature of the enterprise is that the production uses clays that are unique in their characteristics and have no analogues in Belarus. The manufactured brick has high frost resistance (capable of withstanding 100 or more cycles of alternating freezing and thawing) and heat resistance (capable of withstanding sudden temperature changes without collapsing), and the modernization carried out by the enterprise allows it to produce products that can satisfy any consumer. Considering the ability of ceramic building materials to create a favorable indoor microclimate, optimal moisture and air exchange, their durability and low thermal conductivity should naturally attract the attention of a thrifty developer. An eloquent confirmation of this is the fact that in Europe about 80 percent of houses are built from ceramic bricks.

The branch of the Stolin Regional Industrial Association “Stolinzagotpromtorg” is engaged in meat processing and production of meat products (wide range of sausages) with the possibility of packaging in a gas environment. The plant takes an active part in exhibitions and food fairs in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Awarded certificates and diplomas for product quality. Sustainable work over the course of a number of years has been facilitated by the correctly chosen tactics of the enterprise - expanding both domestic and foreign markets for products by improving their quality, carrying out technical re-equipment of production, introducing new technologies and, on this basis, increasing the competitiveness of products.

The branch of OJSC "Beresteisky Baker" David-Gorodok bakery is the main enterprise for the production of bakery and confectionery products in the Stolin region. The main task of the bakery in the market is to satisfy the buyer’s needs for high-quality and healthy bakery and confectionery products at an affordable price.

The company's products include bread, bakery products, crackers, crackers, bagels, breadcrumbs, cookies, gingerbreads, cakes, pastries, gingerbread, muffins, kozinaki, puff pastry, flour and sugar sweets, etc. The David-Gorodok bakery has established the production of fermented and non-fermented rye malt. The Stolin workshop has launched the production of flour sweets - soft wafer products “Vostorg” in an assortment.

OJSC "Torfopredpriyatiye Glinka" - the main activity of the company is the production of high-moor baled peat and peat for agriculture. In 2013, Glinka Torfopredpriyatie OJSC began implementing the investment project “Substrate Production Workshop”. For this purpose, the enterprise is allocated 200 hectares. new peat areas. Peat reserves in the areas of the Morochno peat deposit allocated to the enterprise (Zubkovo site) for the production of peat soils and high-moor baled peat are estimated at 1,040 thousand tons, which will ensure stable operation of the new production for a period of more than 20 years with an annual production program of 50 thousand .tons The project has been implemented, the production of nutrient soils (substrates) has been established, including small packaging (20, 50, 70, 100, 250) for various types of plants.
JSC "Savushkin Product" production branch in Stolin

st. Tereshkova, 42, 225510, Stolin, Tereshkova str., 42.

Head – Moroz Gennady Ivanovich,

tel.: (+3751655) 61454, reception 33052

Production of hard animal cheeses

JSC "David-Gorodok Electromechanical Plant"

st. Kalinina, 55, 225540, David-Gorodok.

Director – Shilo Sergey Petrovich,

tel.: (+3751655) 64407, reception 67250 fax: 53019,,

Production of electrical household machines and appliances, components for refrigerators, hardware and locks, power cords, etc.

Branch of OJSC "Beresteisky baker" David-Gorodok bakery

st. Kalinina, 112, 225540, David-Haradok.

Director – Leonovets Sergey Vasilievich,

tel./fax: (+3751655) 53072, reception 53076



Production of bakery, confectionery products, rye malt

Branch of the Stolin Regional Pool "Stolinzagotpromtorg"

R. Sorge str., 3, 225510, Stolin.

Director – Leonovets Nikolay Nikolaevich

tel.: (+3751655) 62650, fax: 62072,

Production of sausages, semi-finished meat products, etc.

OJSC "Torfopredpriyatie Glinka"

Kolodnoye village, 225523, Stolinsky district,

Head – BOBKO Alexander Vasilievich,

tel.: (+3751655) 40337,

fax: 30833,

Production of peat bales, nutrient soils (substrates) for various purposes

OJSC Gorynsky Construction Materials Plant

st. Kommunisticheskaya, 96, 225520, r. Rechitsa village.

Director – Pokachko Alexander Vasilievich,

tel.: (+3751655) 69260, fax: 65561,


Production of bricks, building stones, stove bricks, ceramic tiles, etc.

KUPP "Stolin Printing House"

st. Sovetskaya, 55, 225510, Stolin,

Director – Verenich Vladimir Petrovich,

tel./fax: (+3751655) 28233, 28039,


Production of blank products, badges, booklets, etc.


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