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Chairman of the STOLIN District Council of Deputies

Chairman of the Stolin District Council of Deputies

Alexander Nikolaevich

Phone: (8016 55) 2-30-42, 2-45-45


Elected Chairman of the Stolin District Council of Deputies on March 13, 2018.

The Chairman of the District Council of Deputies, within his competence in the manner established by law:

heads the Council, manages its work, ensures interaction with the relevant executive committee;
represents the Council in relations with other government bodies, other organizations and citizens;
approves the staffing table of the relevant Council;
convenes sessions of the Council, organizes work on preparing sessions of the Council, conducts meetings of the Council;
organizes control over the implementation of Council decisions;
appoints and dismisses employees of the Council apparatus, concludes (extends, terminates) employment agreements (contracts) with them, applies incentives and disciplinary sanctions to them;
invites to meetings of the Council representatives of other Councils, executive and administrative bodies, other organizations, bodies of territorial public self-government, as well as citizens;
sends draft decisions of the Council to the standing commissions for conclusion, gives instructions to the chairmen of the standing commissions;
signs decisions, minutes of Council meetings, issues orders;
organizes consideration of requests from Council deputies;
organizes the work of the Council to consider appeals from citizens and legal entities;
carries out personal reception of citizens and representatives of legal entities;
reports to the Council on the state of affairs in the relevant territory and on other issues within its competence;
submits for consideration by the Council proposals to cancel orders of the chairman of the relevant executive committee, decisions of the executive committee, lower-level Council, orders of the chairman of the lower-level Council that do not comply with the law;
heads the presidium of the Council, organizes the preparation of its meetings, conducts meetings, signs decisions, minutes of meetings of the presidium of the Council;
submits reports to Council sessions as necessary, but at least once a year, on the activities of the Council Presidium
exercises other powers provided for by the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On local government and self-government in the Republic of Belarus.


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